Tooth Straightening
Have you always wanted straight, even teeth? Here at Burnley Family Dentists, we can have your teeth ‘remodeled’ to produce the smile you’ve always wanted. Why not choose braces to improve your appearance and overall dental health?

Porcelain Veneers
These are thin tooth-coloured porcelain (ceramic) shells carefully crafted to bond to and cover the front of unsightly teeth.

Veneers are excellent for treating chipped, discoloured, slightly misshapen teeth or gaps between the teeth.

Root Canal Therapy
The aim of root canal therapy is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to decay, disease or injury. Most people prefer to save their tooth because it generally will function better than an artificial tooth.

Crown and Bridgework
A crown is often the best way to save a tooth and strengthen it especially if it has large filling or a root canal therapy. A crown fits over the existing natural tooth and replaces the natural crown, the part of the tooth seen above gums. Bridges replace one or more missing teeth.

Tooth Whitening
Tooth whitening has become faster and easier than ever before. At Burnley Family Dentists, we can enhance your smile with our advance Chairside Whitener ZOOM 3, in just over an hour.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Now you have a choice….if you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look, you have new options! Let us show you how safe, easy and affordable cosmetic dentistry can improve the way you look and feel.

• Dentures.
• Bruxism-the grinding & wearing down of the teeth.
• Digital x-rays.
• Preventative dentistry.
• Invisible tooth-coloured filling.
• Tooth extraction including wisdom tooth.
• Gum infection treatment and prevention.
• Temporomandibular joint disorders management.
• Professionally made sports mouthguards

Invest in Your Dental Health Today
By visiting your dentist regularly, you will enjoy many years of healthy and beautiful teeth.

Facilities Available:
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